15 Aug 12
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offbeatorbit replied to your post: Holy shit 7th Heaven is the worst show ever.

it was boring

They’re doing a very special episode about weed cause the oldest kid apparently dropped a joint in the house and holy shit you’d think he had been cooking meth in their basement. The entire family is like being torn apart and in tears and the mom admitted to smoking pot once like 30 years ago and was asking her husband if he was disappointed in her and I just don’t understand how anyone wrote this with a serious face. I’m actually offended.

And holy shit they literally all just hugged and the dad said (while crying) “we’re gonna be alright, this family is gonna be alright”

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    Thank fuck someone else out there is mad that this show ever existed, seriously, for more than 2 episodes. As a child, I...
  5. someothermonstra said: hoechlin’s in it, so. um. yeah.
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    If you thought 7th Heaven was bad, the lady who created it (Brenda Hampton) made another show on ABC Family called The...
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    Yea… 7th Heaven was like an hour long version of like Full House. At the time we thought it was great but looking back...
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